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Online Whiteboard

Collaborate in real-time using the online whiteboard, making your meetings even more productive.
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barchart with red marks on a macbook screen
Have you ever had trouble describing something to team members during a conference call? Conference calls should eliminate communication barriers, not the other way around. With whiteboarding added to your arsenal of premium conference calling tools, your meetings are sure to be more productive than ever before.

Try Free Video Chat and So Much More’s whiteboard feature takes collaboration to the next level with an integrated board chat that allows both you and your participants to draw, erase, and place shapes into a completely virtual notepad right in your online meeting room. It’s an immersive team collaboration tool perfect for project planning, and more.

The next time you need to describe something complex, just turn on the whiteboard feature and start drawing in real-time for all of your participants to see. Denote different parts of what you are trying to describe during the conference call.


Your whiteboard can even be saved as a PNG file for future reference or shred with participants for download! You’ll never have to struggle to remember what you or your participants illustrated on the whiteboard.

Drag and drop documents onto the whiteboard for mark-up, pdf files and image files included. It truly is an infinite canvas!

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