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Indicate information on a shared screen with a selection of annotation tools.
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Screen share as presentation with three coworkers headshot around
Annotation tool bar

Draw, Type and Use Shapes to Facilitate More Interaction and Higher Levels of Engagement in Real-time

Add circles and arrows, comments, and doodles to bring clarity to meetings.

Bring Details Into Focus

Guide participants through your presentation using annotation tools to indicate and markup important details while sharing your screen in real-time. Allow participants to annotate your presentation too. Simply click “Share” so everyone can express what’s on their mind.
annotation for both side views

Make Your Meetings Stand Out

Call out points of interest using on screen annotation to drive home key messaging or make sure important call-to-actions, emails, and payment options are seen. Save your annotations and create a PNG file that can be shared amongst participants now or later.

Create an Immediate Feedback Loop

During a presentation in Screen Sharing mode, digital annotation tools allow you to make edits on-the-fly. Save time when you can address feedback and amendments with a few markups and text boxes. The host can also adjust their camera’s preview size for a more life-like on screen interaction by clicking "Screen Sharing Controls."

highlighted screen share button at the top bar of a in call screen with a shared bar chart on screen

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