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Virtual Background

Try your very own customized design to make any meeting or webinar more interesting.
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a smiling girl with virtual background on an iPad screen

Use a Virtual Background to Blend in or Get Noticed During an Online Meeting

Use a Virtual Background to make any meeting or webinar more interesting. Try your very own customized design or choose from a selection of colors and patterns that match your personality and identity.

Enhance Visual Appeal

Come across as clean-cut or with plenty of personality using a Virtual Background that shows off who you are. Download your very own design and branding or choose from many options to liven up your meeting.
A pain in call meeting screen aside with a virtual background inserted in call screen
mobile video call with three friends

Use It From Any Location

Activate a Video Conference background image to cover your home’s clutter or unsightly environment. Use it on-the-go from wherever you are, or for best results, use a green screen or solid color background.

Stand Out in Every Meeting…

Or blend into the Virtual Background. Either way, video conference background images make meetings more memorable when you can recognize participants, break the ice more easily and experience less cluttered distraction.


an asian girl on a video call with a beach virtual background and the Indian guy in the call with a geometric virtual background

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