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Waiting Room

Keep track of participant entry until the meeting starts.
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waiting request screen with a gallery view in call page on macbook

Control Who You Want to Allow Into the Meeting With the Waiting Room

Hosts can grant access, block, or remove participants in the online Waiting Room for smooth meetings that happen without a hitch.

Take Charge of Participant Admission

The Waiting Room provides hosts a flexible way to moderate participant entry by phone or by web in a pre-meeting waiting area. A pop-up list shows the host the individual or group awaiting entry and it’s up to the host to allow, block, or remove the guest(s).
waiting admission
screenshots of breaking room settings

Host Multiple Meetings in One

Hosts can organize the influx of participants with the customizable Waiting Room tailored to a specific type of meeting: Conversation, webinar, or classroom. The Waiting Room can be facilitated by the professor, for example, to break out into smaller meetings within the sync to offer 1:1 time with individual students or small groups.

Hold Safe and Secure Meetings

The host can block and or remove pending and active participants at any point in the meeting. To further avoid unwanted visitors showing up, the meeting doesn’t start until the host arrives. Plus there’s the option of adding a Meeting Lock for extra sensitive discussions.
waiting room-admit-remove

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