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Caller ID

Make meetings less complicated with Caller ID that visibly identifies each caller.
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Adding Caller ID makes discussions run more smoothly when each participant has their full contact information appear instead of just the beginning of their phone number. It lets other participants know exactly who they’re talking to, so every discussion is clear and effective.

Easily keep track of participants when each one is clearly differentiated from the other. Send and receive messages and know who the speaker is when you can clearly see their identity.

Clearer Indication of Who’s Who

It’s easy to know who is doing the talking! Everyone can see the info of the participant as given by the moderator or the participant’s already existing info as an account holder – all of which gets automatically added to the Address Book.

Showing caller number on participants column on a in call page
Meeting summary with participants list on it

Better Identification Across the Board

Caller ID allows for quick recognition on the platform. The same identification gets used when video chatting, and in your post-meeting details – transcripts included. There’s no confusion as to who is adding to the conversation!

Easier Moderation for the Host

With up to 1,000 participants available on one call, it’s the host’s job to make sure the meeting stays contained. Caller ID lets the host know who’s coming in and out of the meeting; who’s speaking by highlighting their caller tile and so much more.
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