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Personalized Greetings 

Your Brand, Your Agenda, Your Voice. Your Conference Call.
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personal greetings

Personalized Greetings Features

Greet your conference participants to every meeting with a personal message you can update as frequently or as little as you choose. As easy to use as our other free features, your greeting will instantly assure your guests that they’re in the right place, on the right date. Highlight your agenda or special guests, or use the greeting to support your brand. Conferees will hear your prompt in your voice welcoming them to the session. Create a personal greeting to use in all conferences or customize the greeting for each message — it’s entirely up to you. Your unique welcome will help create a sense of occasion around your meeting, reminding your guests and co-workers that this is a conference that matters.

Personalized Conference Greetings – a Totally Unique Way to Welcome Your Guests


The conference organizer can record a custom greeting within the account’s Settings page. All that’s required is a built-in or external microphone, and headphones or speakers for playback.

Your Default Greeting

One default Personalized Greeting can be saved at a time. The default Personalized Greeting can be re-recorded at anytime.

One-time Use Greeting

Unlimited one-time use greetings can be recorded during the scheduling process and assigned to an individual conference.

Record a message with Your Brand, Your Agenda, Your Voice. Conference calls are a part of business. Personalized Greetings ensure it’s your business.

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