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Group Call Invites

Set up groups in your address book to make inviting longer lists of participants to your meetings a snap!
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in call page on macbook and iPhone, with two other participants headshots floating around
Schedule screen overlapped by adding participants screen which the group participants been magnified

Streamline the Scheduling Process by Setting Up Participant Groups.

Make group calling less tedious. You can quickly and easily set up groups of callers you most frequently conference with right from your FreeConference Address Book. When it comes time to schedule your calls you’ll need to select just one group, instead of each participant.

How Do You Create a Group?

You can create a group by clicking the “Add Group” button once you log in and open your address book. Two fields will then appear on the right. Under ‘Name’ enter the name you want your group to be called. Below the ‘Members’ box you can either begin typing the name of one of your contacts and then select it as it appears, or if you click on the search bar you will see a list of all your contacts and you will be able to select any of them to add to your group.

After adding all the members into your group, be sure to click ‘Save’ at the bottom right of the screen. You can edit your groups at any time.

screenshots of adding group step 1 and step two
Screenshots of step 1 and 2 of adding contacts

Add Contacts While Scheduling

Upload your contacts while scheduling a call by clicking on the second page during scheduling called ‘Invitation.’ Click ‘Add’ and you will be given the option to add an individual contact, import the contacts from your Google contacts, add a group, or upload a vCard or CSV file.

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