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Online Conference Call Active Speaker

See exactly who’s speaking from the in-call dashboard and you’ll never be confused about who's doing the talking.
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Active Speaker Is a Simple but Amazingly Useful Way to Identify Each Participant During a Web Conference Call

Free Web Conference calling is a great way to manage discussions and presentations without the time and expense of travel, but with several participants involved, it can be hard to know who’s doing the talking without Active Speaker.

As a free feature on, ActiveSpeaker is an easy to use but surprisingly useful way to identify each participant during an online Conference Call. Everyone has an icon with borders that illuminate when they talk. Even if you didn’t catch what someone just said, Active Speaker will identify speakers who might not have been heard, so they can be prompted to repeat their comment, reminding everyone not to interrupt key speakers — like your current or (hopefully) future customers, special invited guests …or the boss.

Active Speaker is a free feature included with your account.

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