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Live Stream to YouTube

Give your audience an additional way to join your conference by live streaming to YouTube with just one click.
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A lady on Live streaming screen
Streaming pannel in settings

Broadcast Live to Various Channels in Just One-take

If you’re holding a meeting that is important for others to see why not broadcast direct to your YouTube where it can be watched live or later on? You can broadcast these videos to the general public or keep the videos private so only those with the link can access.

Increase Your Following by Giving More Options to Join

Get more meeting participation by giving attendees more access options. Offering another way to watch the meeting live will increase your meeting attendance and could even grow your following!

Screenshot of live streaming panel of layout option section
Streaming pannel in settings

Easily Connect Your Meeting to Youtube Live Stream

With the power of YouTube and you now have the ability to have more viewers in on your conference with very little effort. Simply input your stream name and URL to your settings. When you start your online meeting click “record & share live on YouTube.

Choose Your Layout

You may choose preferred layout for all audio and video recordings and/or streams.

recording layout options

Upgrade to a Paid Account Now!

YouTube streaming is available with the Pro Plan for just $34.99/month – no commitment required. For complete details on how this works and where to find the stream name and key please visit our support site.
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