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Custom Hold Music

Have better meetings by lifting spirits with Custom Hold Music!
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Adding Custom Hold Music is a thoughtful way to personalize your brand and welcome guests. It also lets participants know that they’re in the right place. Custom hold music is included with the Pro Plan or can be purchased as an add-on feature.

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Upload Your Own Music or Message

Upload your own music or voice recording for your own personalized touch. Great for communicating promotions, key dates, upcoming events and much more!
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ladies on hold with custom hold music

Check Out Some of Our Curated Playlists

British Invasion (The Beatles, Rolling Stones, etc.)
New Wave (Culture Club, Tears For Fears, etc.)
Jazz (Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, etc.)
Lighthearted (Kid Creole, Quincy Jones, etc.)
Classic Rock (Vince Guaraldi, and more to come)

Why Add Custom Hold Music?

Waiting on the line in silence can be confusing and misleading. This is why Custom Hold Music improves customer retention. Music is a positive mood booster so when guests are greeted with a familiar tune, suddenly there’s no “waiting around” anymore. With Custom Hold Music, guests will never feel like their time is being wasted.

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Add Custom Hold Music starting at
Just $2.99/month.

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