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Reach Beyond The Four Walls With A Virtual Classroom Platform

Digital learning is exponentially more dynamic, more far-reaching and more saturated with virtual classroom software and information available at your fingertips than ever before – this is “new school.”
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Galleryview on iPad screen with the magic pen aside
line chart shared on screen with three remote coworkers' photos around it

Facilitate Accelerated Learning

Lessons are fully integrated when using the Screen Sharing feature of our virtual classroom platform. Questions can be answered as fast as you can swipe to reveal or click to open a link for an education that unfolds at the speed of learning.

Encourage Collaboration From Anywhere

All kinds of students from any geographic location can unite via Group Chat on the virtual classroom platform to share new ideas, discuss insights and talk about personal experiences.
four people connected on the earth
Bar chart on shared screen with marks on the chart

Break Down Complex Ideas

Using the Online Whiteboard feature of our free virtual classroom software, teachers can feel confident teaching complicated formulas, production paths or themes by drawing, or using colors, shapes, and images to convey abstract ideas.

Set Up Teachers For Success

Give teachers more convenient ways to access documents, and share projects and assignments, while cutting down time marking, checking and grading, and saving trees by reducing the amount of paper used!
Screen share as presentation with three coworkers headshot around
gallery view screen with chat window opened on the right side, and the file sharing button is magnified at the right bottom corner

Create A Stimulating Learning Environment

Students can use their computers to put together multi-dimensional presentations in our virtual classroom platform to showcase their hard work and add impact to their projects by incorporating images, sound, video, and hyperlinks – in real-time.

Choose An Education That’s Flexible

Reliable 2-way communication technology of our free virtual classroom video call software allows for seamless learning from a coffee shop to a hotel room and everywhere between. Plus, if you miss a class, you can record and watch later.
in call page on Macbook pro and iPhone

Features That Enrich Education

An enriched online learning environment comes equipped with all the tools you need to run a classroom online using our virtual classroom video conference software.

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Create your account and get access to everything you need for your business or organization to hit the ground running with our virtual classroom software, like video and screen sharing, call scheduling, automated email invitations, reminders, and more.