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Get All Hands On Deck With Campaign Fundraising

Fundraising requires a lot of moving parts that need to run like a well-oiled machine for best results. With the right resources, yes, you can pull this off and make dreams come true.
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Stay in Touch With Everyone From Anywhere

Collaborate with team members via audio and video calling from your smartphone or desktop for immediate communication that develops trust and facilitates cooperation.

Crush Your Goals

Set up a meeting rhythm for frequent catch-ups to ensure your ideas turn into reality with video calling that puts faces to names and forges a bond of trust and connection from start to finish.
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Pick Up Speed With Better Engagement

A fundraising campaign is designed to pick up speed and excitement. Keep everyone on the same page by discussing metrics using visual aids to maintain engagement.

Ask For More Help

Many hands make for light work. Hire volunteers to share the workload by screening potential recruits with a quick call to see if they’re a good fit before onboarding and delegating the workload.
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Align On Logistics

Time, dates, locations, oh my! Logistics can change in the blink of an eye which means you need to be able to update, inform and maintain visibility – in real-time.

Features That Enable Your Vision

Fundraising for a good cause requires time, effort and energy. Choose features that empower you to get to your end goal faster.

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