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The 7 Best Practices for Conference Calls

Conference calls are an important part of modern business communication, allowing teams to collaborate and stay connected even when they are not in the same location. But, let's be honest, conference calls can also be a source of frustration and confusion. To make sure your conference calls go smoothly and efficiently, here are the 7 best practices you should follow:

1. Conference Call Start on time:

It's important to respect everyone's time, so make sure to start the call at the agreed-upon time. If you're the one hosting the call, send out a reminder a few minutes beforehand so that everyone knows to log on.

2. Create an agenda for your Conference Call:

Before the call, create an agenda and distribute it to all participants. This will help everyone stay on track and know what to expect from the call.

3. Introduce everyone on your Conference Call: Conference Call Introduction

At the beginning of the call, take a few minutes to introduce everyone on the call. This will help everyone put names to faces and will make the call more personal and engaging.

4. Use visual aids in your Conference Call:

If you have any slides or other visual aids, share them during the call. This will help everyone stay focused and engaged and will make the information easier to understand. Many conference call providers offer screen sharing, document sharing, and an online whiteboard in their online portals or you can email slides or PDFs before your call.

5. Speak clearly on your Conference Calls:

Make sure to speak clearly and at a consistent pace during the call. This will help everyone understand what you're saying and will prevent misunderstandings.

6. Allow for questions and discussion on your Conference Calls: Meeting questions

Encourage participation during the call by allowing time for questions and discussion. This will help everyone stay engaged and will ensure that important points are not missed.

7. Make sure your Conference Calls end on time:

Just as it's important to start the call on time, it's equally important to end it on time. If you have an agreed-upon end time, make sure to wrap up the call at that time.

By following these 7 best practices, you can ensure that your conference calls are productive, efficient, and enjoyable for everyone involved.

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