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5 Ways Video Conferencing Is Enabling The Future Of Work

Smiling man sitting outside, leaning against teal brick wall with laptop open on lap, typing and interacting with screen Can you remember a time when video wasn’t a part of our normal day-to-day life? With intelligent and fast-acting technology like embedded video and video conference API, it’s hard to imagine a life without it! In reality, it wasn’t that long ago, but at times, it can feel like centuries.

The ways in which our lives depend on technology have exponentially unfolded in recent years. With COVID lingering just behind us, it’s become quite obvious how much a global pandemic has affected our livelihood and the workforce.

Companies and employees around the world had to pivot at the beginning of 2020. Now, as we head into 2023, here are 5 ways in which video conferencing technology will continue to pave the way and evolve the future of how we work and get things done:

Hybrid Workplaces

At first, offices and workplaces had no other choice but to become “video conferencing ready.” Changing everyday in-person work processes to online gatherings and virtual meetings became the “new normal” we all stepped into and accepted. These days, we’re seeing hybrid meetings (and hybrid workplaces) pop up with the convergence of in-person attendees and remote meeting participants to create a highly dynamic experience that unites both in-person and remote audience members.

Hybrid meetings and soon-to-be hybrid workplaces give way to a more versatile way of working. The first step is to ensure a proper audio and video setup so that when others call or dial in, the process and facilitation become seamless. A hybrid meeting has familiar online meeting elements but is repurposed to create a new and inclusive experience.

Widespread Remote Work

Smiling, contemplative woman working from home with laptop and desktop, wearing headphones at desk, surrounded by plants Now that employees have had ample time to prove they can remain productive outside of the office as life has changed to be more accommodating, it’s hard to want to go back to getting dressed in business casual and commuting across town. Not having to commute saves money and time on other things, not to mention more peace of mind and less hassle!

Working remotely or enabling a remote workforce is here to stay and evolve. With fewer companies relying on office space, and instead hiring overseas from a larger talent pool, it’s hard to say how this will continue, but it’s clear that this is the contemporary way of life.

Create Flow And Ease Around Business Processes

Video conference API truly offers the next best thing to being in person, especially when you can streamline processes, minimize tasks and maximize output. When used for training, companies have the opportunity to reach more people at a far lower cost. For healthcare, workers and practitioners can see patients without ever having to leave their homes. For manufacturing, approving documents, files, and final renderings can be done online via screen sharing or by simply turning on the camera.

With embeddable video and video conference API, the possibilities are endless across industries. The ease and convenience of video open up how any business in many sectors can simplify procedures and operations without sacrificing reach and productivity. In fact, it’s become a lifeline, especially in healthcare and telemedicine.

Hiring And Screening Using Video

Video has provided us the option to work synchronously (live) or asynchronously (one way), and with the way things are going, it’s only going to become even more asynchronous. More and more companies are using virtual technology to recruit, and interview candidates as the opportunity for a meeting in person become less appealing and too expensive in comparison.

Plus, with embeddable video and video conference API, employers can focus on building technology that helps to attract and funnel candidates throughout the interviewing process. Similarly, candidates can gain instant access and information to a potential employer’s online hiring process through an online portal and videos that are embedded into the site.

Remote Work Will Be A Permanent Fixture

There are so many digital tools available, and with video conferencing being the main focus, it’s safe to say that remote work is here to stay; The number of remote workers will only increase. In a recent publication, data scientists estimate that by the end of 2022, 25% of all professional jobs in North America will be remote. The publication goes on to explain that opportunities to work remotely were under 4% pre-2019. This jumped to about 9% at the end of 2020 and is currently up to 15% today.

Employers and leaders are in the process of rethinking their workplace culture to be more inclusive of remote and hybrid work. And companies who want to stay competitive have to be flexible. Anyone still adhering to the old way of doing things – not providing remote working options, not modernizing their technology, not offering flexible work schedules – risks losing employees, repelling new hires, and turning off potential new clients.

Casual man sitting on bean bag with open laptop in stylish setting with plant to the left and art hanging on the wall Is there such a thing as returning to normal? If there was anything we learned from a worldwide pandemic it’s that the way we work has to be adaptable enough for employees to work effectively without feeling like their precious time is being misused. Long commutes, paying for childcare, living in a less-than-desirable location – these are all factors that don’t have to be factors anymore.

Employees who can rely on video and intelligently designed digital tools to get work done from anywhere at any time, will strive to empower the workforce and continue to shift how work gets done. The influx of remote workers relying on video conferencing has begun a societal shift where big companies can still thrive and so too can employees and their families.

Let equip employees and employers with the video conferencing and digital tools needed to keep up in an ever-changing workforce. The future of work depends on maintaining effective workflows and processes that remain productive and keep up with the times. Learn more here.

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