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FreeConference vs. Dialpad UberConference

gallery-view-ipad-phoneSolidifying your business’ communication strategy starts with selecting a free video conferencing software solution. Whether you’re a small business, or established business; Just starting up or branching off to scale and grow, staying connected is more essential to your endeavor than ever before.

Here’s the thing, it doesn’t matter if your brand is forward facing and relies on free video conferencing to be the bridge of communication or if you're a vendor selling a product or service. Both sides of the coin, (so the majority of industries) rely on audio visual communication to strengthen working relationships, gain clients, build trust and connect with the public.

So have you started using free video conferencing? If you have, you’ve probably heard of Dialpad UberConference. Geared towards small businesses and daily team meetings, the low cost solution is easy to use, and navigate, comes with screen sharing and high definition video, but doesn’t offer much on its free plan.

Ready to try something other than Dialpad UberConference? Want to see what else can work to support and bolster your business, for free, and comes with features ready to make your vision a reality? Then there’s one big question you should be asking yourself:

Is Dialpad UberConference the best choice for my free video conferencing needs?

When there are other solutions available that have more to offer and for free, it’s a question of what you need and how much you’re willing to pay or not pay for it! Knowing what the competition has to offer gives you the upper hand when it comes to getting the most for your dollar, or better yet, absolutely free!

Free video conferencing with Dialpad UberConference may look like a sound choice, but dig a little deeper and you’ll see that with the free option, there aren’t as many offerings available. There’s a 45-minute limitation for participants, even for just two; there’s no app for Android or iOS and the technology isn’t a seamless fit with other integrations. With no breakout rooms available on the Free or Business plan, plus limited duration, dial-in numbers and features, it makes you wonder what else is out there!

Try not to get overwhelmed with other free video conferencing solutions. There are many choices, but when sifting through the options to find the best software that empowers your communication, gets your business seen and works to establish trust with your clients, vendors, customers, students and more, there’s another option.

Enter The Best Dialpad UberConference Alternative is the free video conferencing solution that comes with free features, free dial-in numbers and no time limits on any plan! Enjoy the mobile app, integrations, breakout rooms (free for a limited time) and so much more – all for FREE.

This is free video conferencing that’s actually free and comes with features that move your business forward with enhanced communication. No hidden fees, or contracts and you can cancel anytime.

What makes the best Dialpad UberConference alternative in 2021? makes way for streamlined communication that is centralized and easy to connect to from wherever you are.

Super Accessible Online Meetings:

  • Mobile app available on Android and iOS
  • Free international dial-in numbers
  • Zero download, equipment free, browser-based free video conferencing
  • SMS messaging and PINless entry

Use’s free features and technology to improve how you reach out to new clients, keep teams working in tandem and gain customers:

Free Video Conferencing and Conference Calling
Stay on top of what’s going on at the office or at home using free video conferencing and conference calling with multiple participants on a browser-based solution. Doesn’t matter where you are or how you log on – via phone, web, dial-in number, mobile app – you can join or host an online meeting fast and effectively!

Free Online Whiteboard
Use colors, shapes, words, videos and links in real-time to add life to an idea using the online whiteboard. Collaborate now, and save it to share later. All your processes and drawings are in one place for participants to see and work on.

Free Screen Sharing
Lead a remote presentation, collaborate on a project, navigate hard-to-explain website pages and IT solutions using screen sharing that “shows” instead of “tells.”

As the best Dialpad UberConference alternative, lets you enjoy the same features and more – for FREE!

For $0.00 a month, the FREE package consists of:

Looking for more? You can upgrade to a paid account to receive: Custom Hold Music, Audio and Video Recording, Audio and Video Transcription, Caller ID, YouTube Live Streaming, 750 minutes of Toll-Free and International Dial-In Numbers, and more!

Use For:

Onboarding New Hires:

HR professionals can use to interview, and onboard new hires overseas, or across town. Instead of having to hire based on proximity, HR professionals can conduct virtual hiring fairs with small to medium sized groups, then host 1:1 sessions with promising candidates. Loop in management and superiors from other locations too to have a more thorough interview and in-depth introduction.

A Remote Sales Presentation:

Wherever you are, make an impact leading your team or new business through your sales presentation. Rely on’s high quality audio and video conferencing software full of features to make your pitch come through crystal clear.

Daily Online Meetings:

Host or join daily, weekly or monthly online meetings for brainstorming or tissue sessions, status updates, reviews, pitches, client calls and more. Let’s simple and easy-to-use software connect you to your team or other participants with the click of a button via laptop, desktop or mobile.

If you’re searching for an alternative to Dialpad UberConference that changes the way you communicate for the better; if you want a FREE video conferencing solution that doesn’t cost more than it promises;
If you want lots of FREE services that improve communication and shine a positive light on your business and brand then it’s obvious what happens next!

Host a Free Conference Call or Video Conference, Starting Now!

Create your account and get access to everything you need for your business or organization to hit the ground running, like video and Screen Sharing, Call Scheduling, Automated Email Invitations, Reminders, and more.