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Ukraine Free Conference Call

FreeConference connects you with callers in Ukraine and around the globe with a free conference call and video conferencing service. Enjoy free online meetings with HD audio, video and screen share. 100% download-free.
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Conference with Ukraine how you want.
When you want.

Free Ukraine dial-in numbers. No downloads. No third party connections. Everything you need. One single account.

Schedule meetings in advance with your Ukraine customers, relatives or colleagues, and automatically send invitations and reminders or start a call instantly for those last minute discussions.

Conference toll free by phone or conference by web throughout Ukraine from your desktop or mobile devices.

Meet face-to-face with free video chat and instantly share your desktop from your free online meeting room.

Enhance your conference calling experience throughout Ukraine with affordable upgrades like video/ audio recording and extra security.

Free International Conference Calling

Your number will be a Netherlands dial-in but every account comes with additional dial-ins all over the world. No matter what dial-in participants choose to use, your unique access code will ensure that everyone is connected to the same call.

Industry-leading Features and Technology for your Free Conference Call

Well, thank you! :)

  • Crystal clear audio. Possibly, the best telephone conference call experience I’ve ever had.
    Collins Olorondu
    Rosenberg, TX
  • Yup. Still love and use this free conference call service from AFreeConference since 2007.
    Kim Lavine
  • Just had a great conference call with @FreeConference. What an amazing free to use web based conferencing app!
    Paul Hawkins
  • I HIGHLY recommend @FreeConference. We use FreeConference to setup conf calls w/partners all over the US! Professional+Easy+Awesome 
    ET Clean Fuels
  • We use FreeConference for our weekly conference training calls every Thursdays and Fridays – it’s very user friendly and the quality is great! Our Consultants love the fact they can download these calls after and have training on the go.
    NMC Field Services

  • @FreeConference. Just tried it for the first time. Very handy! Heard about it on @LBC 
    Darren Surrey
  • The conference call was very clear I enjoy the fact that I could see the partial phone numbers of the members on the phone.
    Carol Nemard-McNeil

  • Very clear communication simply awesome.
    Jon Jackson

  • Very good audio quality. Thanks!
    James Caffrey

  • Clear sound. No dropped calls. Same excellence I have been accustomed to with FreeConference.
    Bret Nathaniel
    Athletes in Action
  • Easy to set up, great audio quality, and priced right (Free). Five stars!!
    FreeConference Customer

  • Highly recommend @FreeConference. We use FreeConference to reach out to our clients in France & Germany. Easy + Profesional.
    D&S Communication
    @danielandsara from your smartphone… Now that’s freedom!

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