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Local Conference Numbers

Offer your participants a dial-in number closer to home with local numbers across the globe!
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a hand hold a phone and surrounded by head shots Offers Local Dial-in Numbers Across the Globe! offers local dial-in numbers across the globe! In the UK, you’d be dialling into a London-based number, rather than having to call the United States to join the conference. One person is calling from Belgium? Give her the Brussels number and your dedicated access code and she’s all set. The party in Ireland would call into Dublin; think of the savings in cost by eliminating the international phone call.

But Wait, There’s More!

Want even more local numbers? Any of our paid plans with Premium dial-in numbers cover more than forty countries around the world. Offer your colleague in Italy a number in Rome; the participant calling from Japan would dial into Tokyo; the party in Canada would call the Toronto number. Your participants can connect for free, regardless of their location.

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