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Touch The Lives Of Many With 
FreeConferenс’s Online Video Conferencing  Coaching Platform

Push your coaching business into overdrive by going online to be the face of your brand, scale your business, amass more clients and look polished and professional all at once with our online video conferencing coaching platform.
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Be Your Own Boss

Online coaching video conferencing software afford you the luxury of setting up calls and meetings that work around your schedule. Set a time and date to hold (unlimited on all plans) web conferences with up to 5 participants (more participants included in paid plans), instantly.

Set An Agenda

Regardless of participant location, everyone can convene in the Online Meeting Room and start the session together in the free video conferencing platform for online coaching by establishing the list of action items for the day.
freeconference agenda
four people connected on the earth

Work From Anywhere

As long as you have wifi, you can set up shop from wherever your heart desires with our video conferencing software for online coaching. You can rest assured knowing that technical support is available via chat, email or by phone when you need it.

Accommodate An Expanding Network

As your business picks up, take into consideration your growing contact list. Centralize and automate all your info with the Address Book and Google Calendar Sync (coming soon) features of our free online coaching video conferencing software.
Google calendar screen with floating headshots around
a pair of hands hold a clock and have three different time from three cities aside

Take On International Clients

Scheduling a meeting across multiple time zones becomes less complicated with the online coaching video conferencing platform Time Zone Scheduler. All the guesswork is removed when the timetable is drawn out visually and everyone can see what’s on the agenda.

Cut Down On Expenses

Long distance meetings don’t have to cost you a cent. Touch base with clients overseas using a dedicated online coaching video conferencing software dial-in number for fast, convenient and effective communication.
dedicated number located on the top of the dashboard

Features That Set You Up For Success

All the heavy lifting is taken care of with video call software for online coaching, so you can get down to work and not worry about the logistics:

Host a free conference call or video conference, starting now!

Create your account and get access to free online coaching video conferencing platform for your business or organization to hit the ground running, like video and screen sharing, call scheduling, automated email invitations, reminders, and more.