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Free Conference Call Mobile App

Connect easily and efficiently with the free conference call app available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. All from the palm of your hand, around the globe!
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Manage Your Meetings on the Go With the Free Conference App!

The free conference call app turns your iPhone or Android device into a mobile conference call meeting hub. It also allows you to instantly start or schedule free conference calls no matter where you are. Easily manage your meetings and connect with anyone, anywhere, for free.

Features Included in Your Mobile App:

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Conference Calls

  • Hold high-quality Audio Conference Calls with up to 100 callers – FREE
  • Schedule meetings from your mobile device (audio or Video Conference Call)
  • Start a free conference call instantly– no reservations or downloads required
  • An integrated address book allows you to easily invite all participants on the go
  • Add an agenda to your meeting to run an efficient conference call
  • Set up Recurring Conference Call meetings with just a few clicks
  • Access to International Dial-in Numbers to connect your participants around the world
  • Simple, visual conference call controls (no confusing prompts or star commands)

Video Conferences

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More Mobile App Features

  • View call history
  • Listen to recordings of past video conferences
  • Update free conference account information, settings, and profile photo
  • Your FreeConference account seamlessly integrates with the FreeConference mobile app, syncing your contacts, scheduled calls and call history
  • Coming soon, you can integrate your FreeConference account information with Google Calendar for even more smooth and reliable call service.
  • Additional paid features are available including toll-free calling and call recording

Getting started is quick and easy! Download the FreeConference mobile app to your iPhone, iPad or Android device and sign in to your existing account. If you don’t have a FreeConference account, sign up – for FREE.

Simply click ‘Start Now’ and host your first mobile conference call instantly or schedule a video conference for later. There’s a full conference call solution available any time, anywhere.

Discover more amazing's features and make the most of your meetings.

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Host a Free Conference Call or Video Conference, Starting Now!

Create your account and get access to everything you need for your business or organization to hit the ground running, like video and Screen Sharing, Call Scheduling, Automated Email Invitations, Reminders, Virtual Meeting Room and more.