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The Original Free Conference Calling Service

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iPhone is calling 1-800 and receiving hello in different languages is the original free conference calling service. Founded in 2000, is pioneer in offering free and reliable conference calling services/solutions, today serves over a billion minutes a year of all-digital conference calls to businesses and individuals requiring top-tier performance at little or no cost. Leading the industry with innovative value, offers a more complete set of free audio and web conferencing features than any other provider, setting the standard in free conference calling. is committed to providing reliable and affordable tools for gathering groups of every size, no matter their location, quickly, conveniently, and without restrictions. is a service of iotum, a global leader in teleconferencing solutions.


Created in 2000, was both the first free conference calling service in the united states and the first conference calling service that was not owned by one of the major telecommunications companies. Our early business model was based on the same model as party lines, giving us a small cut of the fees collected by the telephone provider.

As grew, the need for larger bridge capacities became clear, so we designed the first ever board that would allow up to 256 participants to join a single call, changing the conference calling landscape for the second time in a few short years. history
gallery view on iMac screen share on iPad and speaker view on iPhone

In September 2015, we re-launched with a new website and a number of new features including download-free, WebRTC-based video conferencing and screen sharing. The use of WebRTC allows for a high-quality browser-to-browser connection without additional software downloads. While we were not the first conference calling product to use WebRTC for audio we are the first free conference calling product to offer fully integrated WebRTC-based video conference calling and traditional dial-in numbers.

About iotum™

A leader in teleconferencing and group communications solutions, iotum is committed to building cutting-edge products and services that enhance remote collaboration and communications for organizations of any size. Each of iotum’s offerings is an affordable, reliable and feature-rich conferencing alternative to competing services that are either inexpensive and featureless or feature-rich but overpriced. The company’s flagship product, serves over a billion minutes a year of all–digital conference calls. With offices in Toronto and Los Angeles, iotum is led by a leadership team with deep roots and experience in the technology industry. For more information about the company, its team, solutions and services, please visit

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