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Smart Meeting Summaries

Easy access to all your post-meeting details in one concise searchable record.
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Summary page on iMac

All the Key Details of Your Web Meeting, Wrapped Up in One Succinct Package

Get a full overview of your meeting in a single view. See who attended, when they joined and when they left your call. Get a rundown of what was said in the chat window, or read through the recording transcript. Access direct links to files that were shared during your Video Conference, as well as audio & Video Recordings.

play back feature on summary page

Playback Audio & Video Alongside the Transcript

Need a quote or specific information from your meeting? Search your transcript for keywords and click through the results to the exact location in your Audio Recording, for a priceless reminder of exactly what was said. Play the recording of your meeting and the transcript will scroll along with the video or Audio Recording.

Retrieve Any Detail From Any Meeting in Seconds

Smart Summaries provide your meetings with searchable context, making it easy for you to narrow down your search. Similar to searching your email, simply type in a contact, subject, or keyword and find the meeting or meetings you’re looking for.

Your Smart Meeting Summary will curate all the most important information into list that can be easily digested. these lists include most Active Speakers, topic tags with topics that were most discussed in your meeting as well as a list of date, times, places and names that were mentioned.

search tag feature on summary page

Anything that was shared or recorded during your meeting will be included in your Smart Summaries and available for download, so you can access content like files that were uploaded and shared, the audio or Video Recordings, along with their transcripts.

The smart meeting summaries feature is available on all paid plans.

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