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Breakout Rooms

Use Breakout Rooms to connect on a more personal level in a virtual space.
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screenshot of a breakout room top banner on a in call page

Create Smaller Groups in an Isolated Space From the Main Meeting

Useful for group work, support and discussion of the main meeting, Breakout Rooms offer more specialized opportunities to connect with participants personally.

Continue the Conversation

Share and discuss in the main meeting, but if the conversation requires more clarity, details or privacy, open up a Breakout Room for smaller groups. Participants have all the same audio and video functions as they would in the main room.
screenshots of indicator on the in call page where showing the breakout room join button
screenshots of breaking room settings

Engage and Collaborate in Real-time

Split off into “isolated” rooms to encourage spin-off discussions. Especially helpful for training purposes, Breakout Rooms allow participants to share in a more intimate setting. Organizers can assign participants automatically or manually in up to 10 rooms.

Easy Access Between Meeting Rooms

Organizers are in control of the flow of the meeting. They can send out invites, set up the rooms, edit the Breakout Rooms and moderate who belongs where. Participants can always leave and rejoin the main event.
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